Surprising Ways In Which CBD Can Help You Deal With Everyday Stressors

Our lives have become so different from what it used to be just a few hundred years back. You see, evolution is an extremely slow process and takes tens of thousands of years to take place. We, humans, have been hunter-gatherers for hundreds of thousands of years and our bodies have adapted well to that lifestyle and food. However, since the dawn of the agricultural age, our lifestyle has changed so rapidly in the last 5 to 6 thousand years that our bodies have not yet managed to adapt themselves. The food we eat, the work that we do, everything is foreign to our bodies. This is the reason why we suffer from so many new types of diseases and allergies. At the very forefront of this lack of adaptation is the very concept of stress. Back when we were hunter-gatherers, our lives were simple – hunt, eat and sleep in peace. Nobody got stressed out about anything and so our bodies had no idea about the concept of stress.

Unfortunately for us, our current lifestyle has stress bombarding us from all directions. Our body has no idea how to deal with it which means it simply thinks that something is wrong, maybe a pathogen has entered our body and so sends out the immune system to attack and destroy the pathogen. This is what an autoimmune disease is – the immune system attacking vital parts of our own bodies in a confused and stressed state. Hence, since our bodies have not yet adapted to external stressors of everyday life, we have to take it upon ourselves to reduce the stress through therapy or medicines. This is where CBD comes into the picture. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a substance that is obtained by extracting the leaves of the cannabis plant. One of the unique properties of this cannabis plant is that the chemicals in it including cannabidiol are capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier. This is a sort of a filter that prevents any chemicals from entering the brain through the bloodstream thereby making almost all medicines ineffective when it comes to dealing with brain and stress.

Since CBD has natural healing and soothing properties, we can use it to help our brain deal with the everyday stressors of life. For example, we can take a small dose of CBD in the form of drops or a CBD tincture before a high-pressure job interview or maybe before delivering a public speech which is bound to get our hearts racing. However, that’s not all that CBD can help us tackle. Many of us have anxiety issues, especially social anxiety. This is a terrible condition to have in an open society where good things usually happen to people who are able to communicate and interact well with others. CBD can help curb our social anxiety and thereby enable us to mingle and interact well with our peers, thereby making good things happen in our lives too.

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